Why Not Wired?

Whynotwired has been created to address local concerns around Wi-Fi in schools in  Greater Victoria School District (SD61), as well as Sooke (SD62), and  Saanich (SD63) School Districts. We are an informal but growing group of concerned parents and community members concerned about health, safety, reliability and the cost of installing wireless internet instead of the known safe, secure and reliable alternative, wired.

The Greater Victoria School District created a Wi-Fi Committee as the result of the following motion:

It was moved and seconded:
That the Board take a precautionary look to allow a representative ad hoc committee to review Wi-Fi in our District, to review relevant information and to present recommendations back to the Board, through the Operations Policy and Planning Committee by Spring 2011 at no cost to the Board.
Motion Carried

Information on the Wi-Fi Committee can be found here.

This blog will share local information as the Wi-Fi issue proceeds.


One Response to Why Not Wired?

  1. Nanaimo school board just voted for a 500 meter set-back to keep Cell Towers away from schools and they are trying to make it Province wide. Unfortunately Industry Canada’s federal laws override municipal by-laws. This must be changed! No cell towers should be within 500 meters of any population and wi-fi should not be used in schools.
    check out neckpointtower.ca
    here’s a video on wi-fi in schools.

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