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Will the Greater Victoria School District 61 put kids first? The Nanaimo Regional District did…

The Regional District of Nanaimo took a precautionary stand this last week and put the safety of kids and the neighbourhood first. Public pressure topples proposed cell tower that would have loomed near elementary school Telus’s plan to fill service … Continue reading

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Musing by Dr. Magda Havas February 2011

Musing #1: WiFi in Schools-a Ticking Time Bomb February 26, 2011.  What do you do when you see a disaster looming and those who have power to prevent it refuse to listen?  What do you do when those with a … Continue reading

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Is this the evidence you need? (New Cell Study)

Published today in the well respected Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is a new study providing evidence to confirm non-thermal biological effects from wireless microwave radiation. This study demonstrates the importance of non-thermal effects.  Health Canada and the … Continue reading

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Victoria school district & their smart phone bill

The Oak Bay News reports, Victoria school district rings up smart phone bill, spending $135,000 a year (the equivalent of 2-3 staff positions, depending on what they are) on these vanity gadgets while jobs are lost and teachers and parents express … Continue reading

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Full Signal Documentary this week – How close are you to a cell tower?

Do you know how close you live to a cell phone tower? How about how close you work, send your kids to daycare or school? Can it effect your health? Hear what scientists and other experts have to say and … Continue reading

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Loonies & Toonies Could Go High Tech – What’s next?

Have things gone over the top yet? For months now we’ve been hearing of BC Hydro’s plan to implement Smart Meters, another wireless assault and energy consumer sure to raise your hydro bill. If this doesn’t raise the bill high … Continue reading

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VCPAC Posting Wi-Fi Committee Presentations & Supporting Documents

The Victoria Confederation Parent Advisory Committee will be posting Wi-Fi Committee presentations and supporting documents as they have time. You can find these postings here. Whynotwired just checked and not all documents have been uploaded yet. Stay tuned…

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