Radiation Protection Incorporated (Conflicts of Interest)

Electrical Industry operatives embedded within our health agencies ensure that allowable exposure levels to Electromagnetic Radiation remain dangerously high. Consequently regulations are more for the protection of corporations from citizen actions than to actually protect citizens from harm. This situation has destroyed the credibility of our health officials.

-Walt McGinnis-

In Canada, the creation of rules and guidelines pertaining to the protection of public health fall under provincial jurisdiction. Provincial ministries of health rely on the recommendations of their respective chief medical health officers for setting regulations allegedly to protect the public from harm. For example, each province has different regulations to limit public exposure to the toxic substances in cigarette smoke. They could also limit the public’s exposure to the toxic energy emitted from Electromagnetic (EM) Radiation-producing devices such as wireless internet, cordless and cellular telephone systems, baby monitors etc, if they chose to do so.

The setting more protective exposure limits could be based upon the thousands of scientific studies that show that everyday levels of exposure to EM Radiation is causing illness. But our health ministries refuse to do so. This article is about how our B.C. Chief Medical Health Officer has been able to dodge this responsibility, aided and abetted by individuals in Health Canada, in the World Health Organization, and in the international standard setting agencies, all to the benefit of the electrical industry.

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Failure of governments to do adequate research into independent scientific findings results in their relying largely on carefully-selected studies funded by the only entities paying for studies in North America – those corporate advisors that have stood to gain vast advantages from keeping allowable limits high, all at the expense of declining  public health.

Below I have listed some of the individuals involved in keeping biologically based EM Radiation exposure regulations from being established in Canada.

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2 Responses to Radiation Protection Incorporated (Conflicts of Interest)

  1. Art Tricque says:

    Ah yes, when you cannot win over on science, allege conflicts of interest or conspiracies. The fact remains, as Health Canada said (and which even the writer himself points out): even if Satan and Stalin had conducted all the contrary research, and it had been funded by and conducted in corporate lairs, it would still need to be evaluated on its merit as scientific research. Maybe more carefully, but on that dimension and on that alone. On such a basis, the research has stood up, and thus EMF standards are where they are. In fact, the only research that came under a shadow was conducted by the Rüdiger group at the University of Vienna and was fully publicly funded by the European Union. See: Adventures in Science and Ethics blog posting; article in the journal Science (August 2008).

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