Saanich School District takes a precautionary approach in their

Saanich School District takes a precautionary approach. While it doesn’t eliminate all risk, it is precedent setting and the strongest stand taken that whynotwired knows of in the Canadian Public School System. Although missing still from this precident setting IT plan is parental consent to any risk and potential risk to wireless technology that is becoming increasingly evidenced through scientific research.  This is a great step in the right direction.

School District’s official IT plan states: (pg. 10)

a. There will be no wi-fi installations in elementary schools.
b. In middle and secondary schools, managed wi-fi environments may be
installed in adult workplaces including staff rooms and offices as necessary.
c. Middle schools will have up to 25% coverage of student areas (with the
understanding being that there will be spillover of the signal as described in
Guiding Principles 12), with the locations to be determined in accordance
with educational needs as described in IEPs and overall educational needs
for the school as determined with staff and the Parent Advisory Council.
d. Secondary schools will have school-wide wi-fi coverage.
e. The Information Technology Department will be responsible for all wi-fi
installations and will ensure that all wireless access points are managed,
commercial grade and as localized as possible.
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