shares readers thoughts on a parents right to decide child’s level of risk

Saanich News, Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Re: School District 61 board hears final Wi-Fi arguments (News) (The full article can be found here.)

What happened to the rights of parents to decide what level of risk is acceptable for their children? As a parent you need my consent first before my child can participate in field trips, certain activities, sports and internet use, but to irradiate my child everyday for hours to low level microwave radiation, no consent is needed? Parents whether in favour of Wi-Fi or not should be outraged that they have been exempted from this vital process that can affect their children’ s cognition and very well being.

I sincerely hope Mr. Ferris and others on the Committee take this review dead seriously and take every measure to ensure all credible evidence, independent of industry ties that would exclude Health Canada, has been thoroughly examined before coming to any conclusions. Many of us are watching intently, and I can assure as a loving parent, I will never stop until my children are protected against needless radiation while trying to attain an education whilst at school.

Interestingly, in another letter to the paper this week on a different topic, “Longer spring break can be problematic for some families,” M. Blainey writes of the school board:

“In another vein, the surprise that little resistance registered at the school board is really not much of a surprise at all.

Many people have just given up trying to buck the system that dictates what is going down no matter what the people say about it. They are busy trying to stay…”

Many believe there’s no point registering their concerns with the school board because it “won’t make a difference.” Whynotwired would encourage all members of the community with concerns to voice them at all levels of government.

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