What’s so smart about SmartMeters? Come learn more about BC Hydro’s plans for your home.

Have your say this Wednesday, March 9th (see details below)

California County Criminalizes SmartMeter Installations

Citing alleged health effects from electromagnetic waves, a county in the North San Francisco Bay Area has criminalized the installation of “smart” electric meters.

The Marin County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed an ordinance (pdf) yesterday that deems the installation of smart meters a public nuisance in some areas.

The law applies to unincorporated Marin, home to about 70,000 of the county’s 260,000 residents. In addition to electromagnetic health risks, the board cited concerns about meters being used to collect information about residents’ activities, impacts on aesthetics and potential damage to amateur radio networks. Read more of the article here. The official government document can be found here.

The Clean Energy Act of May 2010 mandates that BC Hydro replace every conventional electric meter with a “SmartMeter” by 2012. Each household/apartment must have a meter. SmartMeters allow BC Hydro to monitor electrical use in detail, control energy supply  to “Smart” appliances and implement time-of-use pricing. Customers will get real-time feedback of energy usage.

Section 17 specificies that installation can be done “without the consent of the owner.” Appeals to the BC Utilities Commision will be useless, since the Act removes the requirement of BCUC approval.

A Mayor’s Warning

“……the ambient electromagnetic and radio wave fields that will come as a result of having these things at every house running constantly is an unforeseen health risk. For people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, it’s going to be a living nightmare” Read more here.

Sage Associates Environmental Consultants – Briefing Letter on Electric Utility Smart Meters. Read the briefing here.

Hydro “PowerSmart” event:

Wed. March 9, 6-9 pm
Hotel Grand Pacific
463 Belleville Street

At the website http://www.bchydro.com/planning_regulatory/irp/get_involved/spring2011.html#schedule it says:BC Hydro wants to hear from you about how we set the course for a Clean Energy Future. To add your voice, attend a public open house in a community near you. Registration is not required for these events.In addition to attending this public open house, we can also provide feedback about the “Integrated Resource Plan” through the online form http://synosurvey.com/s/bchydro-irp2011/ or by emailing integrated.resource.planning@bchydro.com

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One Response to What’s so smart about SmartMeters? Come learn more about BC Hydro’s plans for your home.

  1. Dale Chase says:


    I’m convinced that they are a health hazaed, especially to (among others) the elderly. I am 64.

    I understand there are also Safety issues, such as fire and explosions, And that they sometimes send erroneous information, resulting in catastraphic hydro bills.

    I am prepared to join a class action lawsuit to avoid Brain Cancer, fire and/or explosion.

    Next month I become a pensioner and cannot afford to fight your army of lawyers after you give me cancer or destroy my home.

    I suggest you use execs and management from Hydro and the smart meter company for guinea pigs for a few years and see how it goes before you inflict this on me.

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