Is this the evidence you need? (New Cell Study)

Published today in the well respected Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is a new study providing evidence to confirm non-thermal biological effects from wireless microwave radiation.

This study demonstrates the importance of non-thermal effects.  Health Canada and the World Health Organization puts the populations at risk by only giving credence to thermal effects.

This study demonstrates the importance in using the precautionary principle, particularly  to protect children, our young and pregnant women.

Will this be enough evidence for people to start heeding the warnings of scientists to protect children, our youth, and pregnant woman from wireless technology?

If you, as an adult, are not ready to give up your cell quite yet here are suggestions for use of the precautionary approach to reduce risk with those who are most vulnerable, as listed above – children, youth and pregnant women. Keep your cell phone turned off when not in use whether in your pocket, purse or brief case. When in use, use it in speaker phone mode. Have your children use a corded phone instead of a cell phone to chat.

Whynotwired wants to know, will you change your cell phone habits after reading this study? Please share your thoughts and comment below.

Effects of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Signal Exposure on Brain Glucose Metabolism

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One Response to Is this the evidence you need? (New Cell Study)

  1. Chantal says:

    If we need to ask ‘is it safe?’ then chances are it’s not.

    This article shows us that ‘something’ happens inside our bodies – isn’t that enough?

    We will either be cautious or we will wait a generation to discover that WiFi harms our children’s (and our) insides.

    Tobacco. Lead on blinds. Asbestos. PCBs. Denial happened back in the day on these as well. Experts aren’t always right. Heck, we’re still tolerating plastics in our food packaging and microwave items.

    Better safe than sorry. Shouldn’t that be the approach we take with our kids’ health?

    Please do the right thing SD61…err on the side of caution.

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