Loonies & Toonies Could Go High Tech – What’s next?

Have things gone over the top yet? For months now we’ve been hearing of BC Hydro’s plan to implement Smart Meters, another wireless assault and energy consumer sure to raise your hydro bill. If this doesn’t raise the bill high enough for you, the predicted plan is to charge a premium during peak hours. Last week we heard about a wireless garbage can at Costco. No need for a convenient foot peddle or handle to open the rubbish bin, just come near it and it’ll open itself! This week we read in the Times Colonist article, Loonies and Toonies could go high-tech, that our pocket change could be saddled with an electromagnetic signal by the end of this year.

The $1 coin will continue to be yellow and, so it can easily be identified by the visually impaired, it will remain 11-sided. However, it would have an electromagnetic signal to discourage the use of counterfeit coins, or “slugs,” and a lasermark image will appear on the reverse.

The $2 coin will be even higher-tech. It will continue to be two colours, but will be thinner to accommodate lettering along the edge of the coin. It will have an electromagnetic signal and a lasermark, as well as a virtual image on the reverse.

What next? I wonder if having an electromagnetic signal jingling around in your pocket will further increase steritily issues? Current studies and scientists are already sharing concerns with evidence that wireless gadgets like laptops, wireless game controllers and cell phones appear to be increasing sterility.

To the individual with Electromagnitic Hypersensitivity (EHS), isn’t lining their pockets with electromagnetic signals like adding peanuts to the nut allergic (anaphylactic) individuals pockets? EHS is on the rise as we’ve observed with anaphylaxis. How will these individuals be protected from this onslaught of even more electromagnetic radiation?
Read more about the Royal Canadian Mint’s plans in the document, Modernizing Canada’s Currency: Upcoming Changes to $1 and $2 coins.  Failing an easily found feedback section, send your feedback on these upcoming changes to those listed on the last page of this document. When a specific feedback link is found it will be updated here.
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