Full Signal Documentary this week – How close are you to a cell tower?

Do you know how close you live to a cell phone tower? How about how close you work, send your kids to daycare or school? Can it effect your health?

Hear what scientists and other experts have to say and what you can do about it at Cinecenta’s showing of Full Signal and discussion panel on Tuesday, February 22 at Cinecenta, 7:15 pm.

To find out how close you are to a cell tower use either of the following resources:

Industry Canada’s site gives an indepth look at locations, frequency, ownership and more. Try the frequency range of 1.0-2000. Input latitude and longitude in the general area (you can find these with an easy google search), remember to only include the numbers.

Canadian Cellular Towers Map – This map isn’t as extensive as the first link
but it provides a good visual of how far reaching they are. It’s not hard to predict that this map will quickly become even more crowded.

The endorsed document, Cell Phones and Brain Tumours – 15 Reasons for Concern outlines the concerns, science, spin and truth behind the Interphone.

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