Cinecenta: Full Signal Documentary Feb 22 – 7:15 pm

Feb 22 7:15pm


AFTER THE FILM, JOIN MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY WHO WILL BE DISCUSSING SAFTEY CONCERNS REGARDING CELLULAR AND WI-FI TECHNOLOGIES. Full Signal exposes the health risks of cell towers and cellular technology for the sake of convenience. More than half the world’s population now owns a cell phone and nearly everyone lives within the range of a cell tower. UVic itself has a cellular installation, located on the stadium uprights, consisting of at least 10 separate antennae, yet do we really know to what extent this technology is impacting the health of residents nearby? Full Signal is a gripping film that interviews scientists, journalists, activists, lawyers and lawmakers in ten countries, and investigates the collision between health concerns and corporate interests. This presentation has some strong parallels with the Wi-Fi debate that is raging in local school districts. AFTER THE FILM, THE PEOPLE PRESENTING THE DISCUSSION WILL INCLUDE MIKE DODD, REPRESENTING A TEACHER’S PERSPECTIVE; KAREN WEISS, A CONCERNED PARENT; WALTER McGUINNIS, WHO HAS TECHNICAL EXPERTISE; AND TAMMY & ROB JESKE WHO HAVE BEEN ACTIVE THROUGHOUT THE VICTORIA REGION IN PROMOTING PUBLIC AWARENESS AND SAFTEY CONCERNS RE CELLULAR AND WI-FI TECHNOLOGIES.

Source: Cinecenta
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