Wi-Fi focus of “On The Island” hosted by Gregor Craigie on CBC Radio One with Linda Travers & Karen Weiss

January 21st – Linda Travers & Karen Weiss share concerns regarding Wi-Fi in schools. Karen shares her son’s experience with Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity (EHS) in relation to Human Rights and Wi-Fi. A person with EHS can make the choice not to go to a coffee shop with Wi-Fi yet it’s not a choice to avoid school.

Linda addresses concerns with the lack of biologically based standards and responds to World Health Organizations, Health Canada and the Provincial Health Officer’s statements that Wi-Fi is safe. There are many historical examples that these organizations considered “safe” such as mercury, lead, thylidamide, asbestos and tobacco. Linda questions why other countries are eliminating Wi-Fi in schools.

Karen shares information about the Parent Info Session on Wi-Fi in Schools with Una St. Claire providing information so parents can make decisions for themselves, have debate and ask questions.

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