Wi-Fi focus of “On The Island” hosted by Gregor Craigie on CBC Radio One with Greater Victoria School District Board of Education Chair, Tom Ferris

January 24th – Tom Ferris states that the school board decided they didn’t know much about the issue (Wi-Fi) and should be informed so they developed the Wi-Fi Committee to hear from concerned parents. They want to assure parents that they’ve considered the issue. He doesn’t know the outcome but knows that they want to give everyone concerned and wants to speak, the opportunity to do so. The committee may or may not give direction to the board when completed. When asked if the technology is so new that the board may not have gotten around to learning enough about this issue, Ferris states that they are pretty well informed from a technology point of view about Wi-Fi and various forms of wireless technology used in schools. Asked again, if maybe it’s the health concerns the board might not be aware of, he states that he thinks the thinking is that if people are not given the opportunity to air their views and get some sort of response then it’s something that may go on and continue to worry parents. The committee plans to look at documentation available and allow parents to hear what the committee is hearing. When asked if the committee’s decision could change having Wi-Fi in schools Ferris explains that it’s quite possible that some sort of change could take place but doesn’t know. He goes on to suggest the technology is here to stay, it may change, but it’s not going away. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a better understanding if there are detrimental effects. He says they have asked numerous people to present and will be listening to the Provincial Health Officer.

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