Tom Ferris addresses Wi-Fi in the Saanich News January 28, 2011

Read Citizens’ group advocates for science-based politics where ScientificVictoria suggests there is no credible evidence that would cause concerns with Wi-Fi in schools. Whynotwired would disagree, but we’ll let you read the peer reviewed studies and judge for yourself.

Further into the article Braztner goes on to share his concerns related to costs associated with replacing the technology.

“If it starts in our schools then it may actually spread to other institutions, so there is a bit of a concern here that this may be just the beginning,” he said.

It’s only understandable that these concerns should spread to other institutions. Scientists have been raising their concern and warning governments and the public for several years now. On the subject of costs, wired is almost always cheaper long term and in most cases even in the short term. It’s more reliable, more secure and offers more bandwidth. Wireless is only cheaper in some cases such as with older buildings where installation of wired is more difficult. The District already has plans in place to replace current commercial routers in schools. Unfortunately their plan involves industrial wireless routers rather than the more stable and cost effective wired system.

Tom Ferris, Chair of the Greater Victoria Board of Education, and a member of the Wi-Fi Committee is also quoted in the article.

The technology had already been deemed safe by an internal review in the spring. The prospect of completely banning Wi-Fi from schools is both unlikely and potentially very expensive, said school board chair Tom Ferris, who also sits on the Wi-Fi committee.

“I think the fact that someone’s relative is ill is a motivation for wanting to investigate the issue, but it’s not necessarily a reason for (changes to be made),” Ferris said.

Ferris calls the issue, as with any debate involving children “very difficult,” adding that the board will likely be most interested in scientific studies during its decision-making processes.

It’s predicted that students with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) will rise dramatically equal to the dramatic rise of anaphylaxis observed in the school system over the last decade. As with anaphylaxis, EHS will also require change within the system. Every student deserves the right to a safe learning environment.

The Greater Victoria School District’s Mission Statement: The Greater Victoria School District is committed to each student’s success in learning within a responsive and safe environment.

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