Greater Victoria School District’s 1st Wi-Fi Committee Meeting Jan 24/2011

Below is the agenda for the January 24th, 2011 Wi-Fi Committee. You can find it online here. Each presenter at this meeting recommended the installation of a wired system over wireless without hesitation. Only Mr. Walt Hundleby felt it was safe, although concerned when his cell phone heated his skin, yet even he stated that for reliability and stability, wired is the best solution. Others echoed his comments regarding the reliability and stability of a wired system over wireless. Other concerns shared by presenters were related to health and safety concerns related to wireless, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, the removal and reduced exposures around the world and related, peer reviewed studies demonstrating harm.

Wi-Fi Committee MeetingMonday, January 24, 2011, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pmTolmie Boardroom, 556 Boleskine Road


1. Approval of Agenda

2. Introduction of Committee Members

3. Purpose of Committee

4. Methodology

5. Review of Submissions

a) Karen Weiss (Parent)

Weiss Submission to Committee on Wi-Fi.docx; Cell Towers Biological Effects.pdf; CST EMF Stresses Cells.pdf; Disturbance of Immune by EMF, Dr. Johannsson.pdf; Dr. Stephen Genuis, Health Impact Paper.pdf; Swiss ComPatent doc full.pdf; Heart Study News Release-1.pdf; Porto Alegre Resolution.pdf; CST 10 out of 14 studies.pdf; German Swiss Wi-Fi in Schools Warning (2).pdf.

b) Michael Dodd (Teacher)

Understanding Wi-Fi presentation.

c) Tammy Jeske

EMR Summary of Links June 2010.pdf; Patent by SwissCom AG FPatent for Reduction of ElectroSmog in Wireless LANS.pdf; Statement of Accountability vvv.pdf; Dr. Johansson’s Open Letter.pdf; GVSB WiFi Committee Jan 24 2011.pdf; Dr. Lai Open Letter.pdf; WiFi Schools – Letter Dr. Havas May 2009.pdf.

d) Margaret Goodwin (Chartered Insurance Professional)

Liability Claims for Bodily Injury.

e) Kerry Crofton (Executive Director, Doctors for Safer Schools)

Summary of the Science and Safer Solutions to wireless technology and link to

f) Walt McGinnis (Owner of McGinnis Electric)

Wi-Fi and associated electromagnetic radiation (; Conflict of Interest in Standard Setting Bodies; Wi-Fi Presentation.pptx; Radiation Protection Inc., Brain Malfunction Cell Phone and Brain Malfunction-EMR

g) Walt Hundleby (Retired IT Worker)

Links to WLAN and Health; Phone Safety & Children; Health Canada; Health Canada FAQ Section; Wireless Systems and RF Safety Issues; 3rdParty – Wireless and Health; WiFi Alliance – Industry Org

h) Maria St. Amand (Teacher)

Links to Global 16:9 Wi-Fi in Schools – Dangerous?  BBC Panorama: Wi-Fi, A Warning Signal, The Precautionary Principle (copy of PowerPoint)

6.Confirmation of Next Meeting


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