Greater Victoria School District’s 2nd Wi-Fi Committee Meeting January 31st, 2011

Another informative meeting of the Wi-Fi Committee and the following list of presenters. All spoke with strong conviction about the use of Wi-Fi in schools related to health, safety, reliability, stability and cost. That is, all with the exception of David Bratzner who feels the technology to be safe. Whynotwired blogged about his thoughts earlier. He does not address costs, reliability, stability of a wireless system and the long term savings.

Elissa Crouse, a former student of Dr. Magda Havas and a graduate from Trent University, offered her insights and concerns regarding the use of Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies with the committee, straight from the academic teachings of Dr. Magda Havas herself.

Wi-Fi Committee Meeting

Monday, January 31, 2011, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm Tolmie Boardroom, 556 Boleskine Road


1. Approval of Agenda

2. Introduction of Committee Members

3. Recap of Purpose of Committee

4. Recap of Methodology

5. Review of Submissions

a) Peter Milne (Parent and Owner of Computer Business)

Bio-Initiative Participants; Bio-Initiative Report Summary; Ecolog2000; Biological Effects of Microwaves Below Canada’s Regulatory Limits; 2.45 GHz Causing Damage to Rat Brain; HESA Report Dec 2010; Canada Government Report-Michrowski.

b) Robert Jeske (Parent)

Written presentation on Wi-Fi technology with respect to an alternative approach to delivering internet access that respects the uncertainty of health impact on children.

c) Elissa Crouse (Business Owner)

Radio Frequency Radiation Emitted by Cell Phone Towers.

d) David Bratzer (Founder, Scientific Victoria)

Advocate for Consideration of Science in Local Government Decision-Making.

e) Larry Wartel (Urban Planner and Volunteer Supporter, Canada Safe School Network)

Pro Internet, Pro Technology (video; followed by film based on Precautionary Principle

f) David Futter (Greater Victoria Teachers’ Association)

Wi Fi in Schools, Laptops Affect Male Fertility, Free FIBER for Swiss Schools, Wi Fi Warnings, Science 101:  Weight of Evidence and Weight of Warning, Critiquing the Push for 21st Century Skills, EMR Health Alliance of BC – Health Effects, Growing up Digital – Wired for Distraction, The Precautionary Principle Approach, Protecting Children at School from Radiation Exposures, Selling Wi Fi, Summary for the Public (Cindy Sage), Swisscom – Danger of Wi Fi, EMR Health Alliance – Electromagnetic Radiation in Western Canada.

6. Confirmation of Next Meeting

7. Adjournment

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