Greater Victoria School District’s Wi-Fi Committee Details

Committee on Wi-Fi

  • To provide a forum for interested parties to make their positions with supporting background information known to the committee. The information gathered, together with the latest information will be presented to the Board in the spring for their consideration. Recommendations to the Board are possible.
  • Partner groups: Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils, Canadian Union Of Public Employees- Locals 382 and 947 (CUPE), Greater Victoria Teachers Association (GVTA), Allied Specialist Association (ASA) Victoria Principals’ and Vice Principals’ Association (VPVPA), Trustees, Ted Pennell, Director of Information Technology, and George Ambeault, Secretary-Treasurer (chair).
Time of Meeting:
  • Meetings will run 5:00 to 7:00 pm
  • Board Office
  • Monday January 24th, 2011
  • Monday January 31st, 2011
  • Monday February 28th, 2011
  • Others as required.
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  • A notice about the committee will be placed on our website.Meeting dates and location will be posted and open to the public.Anyone wishing to speak on the topic is invited to the committee to make their presentations. If possible, the information should be provided in electronic form and is to be submitted by January 10th, 2011 to gjambeault@sd61.bc.cafor distribution to the committee. The information should include any research materials and a brief biography of the presenter.At the meeting, committee members may ask questions of clarification.After submitting their presentation in advance, the presenter may appear before the committee to provide a brief, not exceeding 3 minutes, summary, and be available to answer questions from the committee. The question and answer time related to committee questions are not included in the 3 minute restriction. Any additional information from a presenter may be submitted for consideration at the following meeting in order to allow committee members time to review the materialOnce all the input has been received, the committee will meet separately to determine any recommendations to be made to the Board.

    The recommendation will be presented to an Operations Planning and Policy Meeting which is our public forum, for further discussion prior to presentation to the Board.

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As posted on the Greater Victoria School District Website found here.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for presentations on February 28th, 2011 is February 14th, 2011.  You still have time to submit your presentation materials and supporting documents.

A few interesting notes on the committee structure itself:

  • Presentations are only 3 minutes long, a challenging length to share important information, whether you have concerns about Wi-Fi in schools or not. Regular Board Meeting presentations made by the public are 5 minutes long. Presentations made to Education Policy and Operations Meetings don’t restrict the presentation time.
  • The meeting time, from 5-7 pm, during the dinner hour for most parents, and  doesn’t provide much opportunity for those with families to be engaged in the process. For most, there’s not even time to arrive punctually if leaving straight from work.
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